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Информация о спецвыпуске на русском языке

The scientific journal «Fibers» plans to release a special issue «Phigh_power_pulse_propagation_optical_fibers_horizontal_lightropagation of high-power pulses in optical fibers»

We invite Russian and foreign scientists to cooperation!

Dear Colleagues,

Nonlinear optical effects at wave propagation are complex phenomena that can occur in fiber optics, in the atmosphere, in wire, and in any anisotropic medium with nonlinearity. Nonlinearity is the key to introducing novel concepts in various technologies utilizing traveling waves. Problems of electromagnetic wave propagation in nonlinear waveguide structures are intensively investigated for several decades. In fiber optics, for example, the problem of the delivery of high-power optic pulses with the required parameters to the destination point appears straight at the beginning of their practical usage. The nonlinear effects can arise due to the Kerr effect, Raman scattering, chromatic dispersion, high wave power, and medium anisotropic, etc.

Phenomena of electromagnetic wave propagation in nonlinear media have original importance and also finds a lot of applications, for example, in plasma physics, microelectronics, optics, and laser technology. There are a lot of interesting nonlinear phenomena in media when an electromagnetic wave propagates, such as self-focusing, defocusing, self-channeling. The spectral and spatial components of light do not affect each other at the linear propagation of light, unlike the nonlinear interaction of light with matter gives rise to the complex coupling between the wave modes. Nonlinear effects degrade signal quality as the launched signal power is increased.

In the last decade and, more in particular, in the last few years, this field of research has been gaining a great deal of attention. The nonlinear Schrödinger equation is the basic equation describing the propagation of an intense optical wave in a fiber. Investigation of nonlinear phenomena in a medium leads to solving nonlinear differential equations. In some cases, it is necessary to solve nonlinear boundary eigenvalue problems.

All linear effects occurring during wave propagation have been studied, moreover, for many of them there are analytical solutions, now they are out of interest. Now is the age of studying nonlinear effects. This Special Issue of Fibers intends to cover recent advances in the general field of nonlinear effects related to wave propagation in wire and the optical environment.

Dr. Airat Zh. Sakhabutdinov
Guest Editor

This special issue is now open for submission.

Detailed information can be obtained at the link:«.

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